Rooms and Rates

We have more than 30 different budget hostel rooms to serve budget travelers. It is a great location in downtown Bangkok, and we offer free Wifi everywhere inside the hostel.

Room types: Rate/Day

Dormitory Aircon, Shared Hot Shower 150THB/Day

Single Fan Room, Private Hot Shower 250THB/Day

Double Fan Room, Private Hot Shower 400THB/Day

Single Aircon Room, Private Hot Shower 350THB/Day

Double Aircon Room, Private Hot Shower 450THB/Day

Note: All prices included linens and all taxes. Clean towel is additional 20THB. Prices are subject to change at any moment. Prices here for reference only. Please click on online booking for a guaranteed reservation.

The beds: We offer firm beds only, as we believe a firm bed is better for the backs of our guests.

This is a budget hostel in Bangkok for young people who like to have fun and transit @ Khao San Road. It is not the Four Seasons...

Pictured above: Aircon Dorm

Pictured above is double room.