On the first floor of our hostel is an excellent Indian restaurant, with both Indian & Thai chefs, serving Indian, Western, and Thai food. Some say we have the best Indian food in Bangkok...
Partial Menu:
Vegetarian Thali (Set Menu): 140THB
Non- Vegetarian Thali (Set Menu): 160THB
Chicken Tikka Masala  100THB
Aloo Gobi:  90THB
Malai Kofta:     90THB
Samosa (2pcs):     60THB
Plain Naan:     30THB
Garlic Naan:     40THB
Mutton Biryani:     120THB
Masala Tea:     30THB
American Breakfast:    80THB
Fruit Musli:     70THB
Mango Lassi:     60THB
Fresh Ground Coffee:    40THB
Fresh Ground Espresso:     30THB
Fresh Ground Cappuccino:    40THB
Small Chang Beer: 40THB
Large Chang Beer: 59THB
Small Singha Beer: 50THB
Large Singha Beer: 90THB
Large Leo Beer: 69THB
Large San Miguel Beer: 79THB
Please note prices are subject to change.
Pictured above, fresh ground coffee, cappuccino, and espresso at Khaosan Road hostel prices.

Try our thali (set meal) and you get all the wonderful stuff at a hostel price!